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Poole Associates designed 7atenine at The Ascott Kuala Lumpur in 2006. See the original story and images at the bottom of the page. In 2010 we gave the space a face-lift. Bringing it more in line to the customers attitudes that call it their play-pen.

Selected areas were totally re-built such as the Ice Bar and railway sleeper flooring. A new metal screen was added to create a foyer, and furniture was refurbished.  

The new circular bar features a double story gold back-bar, resembling a champagne cork on the lower floor, and a flute on the mezzanine.

LED lighting was brought up to date and the sound system energized.

Then in July 2011, the entire alfresco space was encased in glass, helping to contain the noise to the neighbors [they are resting easier now] and to lower the aircon costs. Along with the Big Ass Fan on the upper level, you may want to wear layers.... it now can get a bit chilly late at night.

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2010 newly renovated

Star | Metro | 23rd Jan 2010

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7atenine’s dedication of Friday themed-nights to the pursuit of aural pleasure. Inspired by the clubs in Ibiza, Hedonistic showcases visiting deejays from across the globe who will churn out their brand of funk, electro and new age disco house. Pole dancers heat up the evening with their moves. 10pm. Cover charge TBA. For more info, call 03 21617 789 | 012 210 3055


The Ground Level 2010

The Mezzanine Level 2010


2006 original version


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< 10.10.10 7atenine has some of the coolest toilets in Kuala Lumpur. Click for the story


7  A  T  E  N  I  N  E | 2 0 0 6


The retail space at the base of The Ascott Kuala Lumpur goes through a radical architectural transformation, orchestrated by Poole Associates, Singapore. Removing the facade of the building and inserting a new mezzanine level results in a dramatic new space, now occupied by restaurant and bar : 7atenine.

Visit the press articles above for a peek into this unique new restaurant that is changing the face of dining out in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.



The Ground Level 2006


The Mezzanine Level 2006





The Ascott Kuala Lumpur

9 Jalan Pinang, KL

noon till 1:am Mon-Sat | closed Sundays

Reservations : 603 | 2161 | 7789

e:mail :

Also visit WiP at Bangsar Shopping Center Kuala Lumpur. Renovated and re-opened 15th July 2009.

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