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come on...sing along.... de da leh dahh, leh de dahh leh ahh. repeat many times till you become a relaxed and happy person, then go and have some social interaction at WiP! It's our new mantra. Even Fred is happy these days. And the food is quite good too.

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Tatler Malaysia   August 2009 


The Star   15th September 2009


Space Magazine   1st October 2009


The Edge   7th December 2009 


The Star  Horeca Platinum Award   12th December 2009 





The Bangsar Shopping Center KL has undergone a make-over, and is now

re-open. We are the designers that created 7atenine at The Ascott KL 

view it here


WiP | July 2009 

WIP……Once a Work In Progress now Whipped Into Place!

WIP has naturally progressed into a lifestyle destination offering a coastal resort ambience with the design feel of an urban-tropic garden. Inspired by the relaxed elegance of Nice, France and Santorini Greece, we bring you a slice of the Northern Mediterranean lifestyle.

With the interior design that beckons natural lighting, several unique custom crafted features such as the clam shaped island bar, firefly pendant lights, palm tree trunks, etched bird mirrors and alfresco garden transports you away from the city blues. The inherent use of 5 elements – wood, fire, metal, earth and water enhances your harmonious social experience.

Coastal cuisine is the direction of WIP’s new menu featuring the best foods from coastal regions from different continents albeit with a touch of Asian. New flavors, new ingredients, new methods of cooking. Taking centre stage is the Espetada from the coast of Portugal where skewered chunks of meat or seafood is grilled and served on a special stand. Perennial favorites such as curry laksa, nasi lemak and chicken makanwala still feature but are prepared with a twist. Lovers of fine and innovative beverages will rub their hands in glee with the clam bar offering premium and boutique labels, cocktails and champagne. WIP’s signature brew is a variety of Mojitos and Sangrias. Couple all this with professional yet affable service standards, you will enjoy a mood transforming experience in this idyllic social ecosystem


Lot G111, Ground Floor

Bangsar Shopping Centre

285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandar Raya

59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Daily from noon till closing

T : 03 2094 1789 | 2789

F : 03 2094 3789

e:mail : ask@wip.com.my


F+B designers : Poole Associates Private Limited

Main Contractor + Custom seating : SKL Interiors Sdn Bhd

Purchased Seating : Janus et Cie | USA

LED lighting : Tubeflexl [Asia] C. Pte Ltd

Fabrics : Roselle Mont Clair | Gervasoni Italy

Specialty Stones : Fieldworks International | Bali

Interactive Mirrors : Cool Merchant Connections

Etched Bird Mirrors + Copper : Heirloom Indonesia

Custom Carpets : Hands Carpets, New Delhi


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