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The offices of Petredec + Cresco - liquid petroleum gas trading and shipping firms, were first designed by Poole Associates in 1999, using Jalousie window louvers in customized frames. This office has been expanded 2 times. Now a total space relocation is required. Moving from the 17th floor to 15th floor of Shaw House Singapore.


In designing this space as a custom kit-of-parts, relocations have been very cost effective, as all materials have been re installed to a new configuration.


Completed May 5th 2004

Layout plan at #15.08-10  : 2004

< Meeting Room 1999

Jalousie windows system with integral files, blue steel fins and laminate doors relocated for the 3rd time into the new space on Level 15

photo 28th April 2004 : Corridor to Meeting Room >

Below : Meeting Room 2004

Layout Plan at #17.05-06 : 1999

Layout Plan at #17.05-06 : 2002 [expansion from unit #17.04]

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