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September 1998

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The Cafe-like interior and hip Jazz music immediately draws you in


H  A M  M  I  N  G    I  T    U  P

Sensational Sandwiches and Salads

Once you've tasted Crispin's sandwiches, you won't ever bother making your own. We kid you not. This snazzy two-month old take-away counter, tucked between Mos Burger and Genki Sushi in Change Alley, has snagged many a harried Shenton Way-type with its fresh flavors and ultra-fast service. But it's been kept a corporate secret for long enough. It's time to spread the joy around.

The cafe-like interior, soft lighting and hip jazz music immediately draws you into Crispin's. We reckon the man behind this oasis of quick lunches Crispin Longden, has got the lifestyle thing down pat. Why, tote one of Crispin's cool brown paper bags around and you can pretend you've just popped out of Friends, Central Park! The core idea behind the establishment is that you can grab your food, pay for it and be on your way in a matter of minutes. (Perfect when you want to spend your lunch hour shopping). It doesn't sound terribly unique, but the point is that Crispin's does it sensationally well.

We were converted the moment we had our first mouthful of the Roast Garlic Beef. Whole garlic cloves, grilled until they are soft enough to spread, are layered with slices of rare beef - done to perfection - and gourmet salad, then sandwiched between triangles of fresh whole meal and multigrain bread. After a taste of that, plain ol' homemade ham and lettuce just lacks panache and zing.

Thankfully, at Crispin's there are 11 equally earth shaking fillings to choose from! Yes, we ate our way through all of them. Other must-try on our list: Herb Chicken and Eastern Prawn. If you can't bear to pull yourself from your desk at lunch time, though, take heart. Crispin's will even deliver larger orders of sandwiches and salad - in beautifully presented baskets and bowls, if need be. At only $5.50 for a pack of three sandwich triangles (only the Smoked Salmon costs $6), It's excellent value for money, and healthy too - there are even vegetarian options.

If you have the time, pull up a chair at one of the tables in the common dining area and enjoy your lunch with a cup of Illy coffee or fresh juice. It's not even remotely alfresco-like, but we must confess Crispin's has cornered a slice of the takeaway market with divine style and substance.

Update : 2003 Crispin's is no longer open

Project Team:
Ed Poole, Rey Tadifa

Photos: Poole Associates

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