Hotel F+B

Poole Associates has  designed 16 spaces at Avasa, Hyderabad, India [the entire hotel except landscaping + architecture 2012]

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2023 Refresh > last update 24.06.24

Level 1 Ball Room + Meeting Rooms :


New wall veneer throughout the entire floor

New carpets

New White Onxy flooring

New Golden Onyx wall features

New wall padding

< Adding bespoke glass Aryia.5 pendants at ceiling Oculus

Existing LED lighting to be completely re-lamped 

01.04.23 | Existing floor tiles being removed > 10.04.23 Installation begins

Level 1 Toilets

Standing basins to be replaced with counter top basins

New Basins are being added : Newform Solo Steel x4 [Milan]  

All wall veneers to be re-newed

Additional lighting to make the rooms brighter

Feature walls with Golden Onxy

Two additional Basins are being added to Ballroom Toilets : Toto Sirius x 8 [India]


Pi | All-Day Dining

New art selections [x6]

All lighting to be re-lamped

All side stations refurbished with new drawers and doors


Guest Rooms

New art selections : James Web Telescope, Nasa

All lighting to be re-lamped, new Slim Pendants at bedside tables

Carpets replaced with new circular designs [48 pcs]



All lighting to be re-lamped, Shadow Panel lighting changed from blue to warm white



Celestial Ballroom

All LED lighting to be re-lamped

Adding Arya.5 Pendants to all Oculus

New wall + Door veneer

New White Onyx flooring at room borders

Environmental carpet, constructed from recycled fishing nets

EGE Carpets, Denmark


Ballroom Grand Stair

All LED lighting to be re-lamped

Adding 400mm wall extensions to make inner handrails taller



All LED lighting to be re-lamped with added fixtures

Twigg artworks to be re-installed painted matte black

Existing 'Passion Privet' seating to be revamped + reupholstered to perfect condition

New alfresco lounge seating under sun protection tarps + new Teppanyaki

Alfresco landscaping to be improved


NOYA roof deck bar

All LED lighting to be re-lamped

New lounge seating groups :

same design as at Ohm Alfresco

Fire Stair access to be improved



All LED lighting to be re-lamped

New Flashwhite Pendant Lighting at entry screen

New Knoll Womb Seating x6