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Watch this website for updates on the Voluntary Conservation Order of Pearlbank  


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Pearlbank Sales Listing Archive

sale prices of every flat sold since late 2000. View the yearly average price

Record price : $1,118 sq ft !

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Particulars of original consultants & construction photos

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Building: Materials & Equipment Southeast Asia 1.03.1976

Cover story - 'The tallest apartment block in Southeast Asia, but within your reach'

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The original Pearlbank Sales Brochure

ca. 31 | 12 | 1972

Hock Seng Enterprises (Pte) Ltd

Chinese text

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The original Pearlbank Sales Brochure

ca. 31 | 12 | 1972

Hock Seng Enterprises (Pte) Ltd

English text

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The original groovy Pearlbank Show flat

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07 | 09 | 2001

partial By-laws of MCST No. 395

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30+Building Botox

Page restored due to interest

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 30 | 01 | 2015

The Straits Times

Fancy Retiring to a high-rise farm?

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  08 | 05 | 2014

The Straits Times

Architects keen on conservation status for Pearlbank

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  04 | 05 |14

Voluntary Conservation updates >

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  23 | 04 | 14

The Straits Times

Pearlbank owners bank on conservation order

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  02 | 04 | 2014

The Straits Times

Pearlbank still special after all these years

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05 | 12 | 2012

The Straits Times

4 clinch top accolades for their design work

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08 | 12 | 2008

The Straits Times

High-Rise Pioneer - Tan Cheng Siong

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To inform URA of unapproved use of residential units, call 6223-4811 or e-mail


To inform SCDF of fire hazards, call : 1800-2800-000


Welcome to   

This web site was created to update the public on the changing image of our estate. 

The 7-year en-block attempt of Pearlbank is DEAD !

Pearlbank is now more than 44 years old, being the oldest 99 yr leasehold high rise in Singapore. Pearlbank has gone through many phases in its' history > From Singapore's highest and largest single residential complex in 1972 to a dubious reputation as a 'red-light' building in the 1980's, to housing foreign workers in the 90's. 2005-2011 the building faced neglect as greedy parasitic en-blockers refused to pay for repairs. In 2011 the management committee set out to urgently upgrade our facilities.

With the introduction of this web site in 2001 - we are working to eradicate the listings of our building under 'short-term rentals' and 'cheap accommodation' by zealous real estate agents. 

With the introduction of 'rental guidelines' for Subsidiary Proprietors in 2002, all these problems are now behind us. 

Don't believe errant classified ads for Pearlbank "Studio Apartments" - there aren't any. Some owners have ILLEGALLY subdivided their units. URA is on their tail. Subdividing is against Singapore's Fire Safety regulations and the Building Control Authority. All tenancy agreements are now vetted by the Management and anomalies are reported to the appropriate authorities. Illegal subletting is also being looked at carefully again in 2014. Security issues will be ENFORCED.

The 'cleaning-up' of our image does not only include errant illegal activities, but the upgrade of essential building components. Pearlbank residents can now enjoy upgraded lifts [No. 1 in 2009], new public ceilings, a re-instated koi pond at our central garden, new electrical and SCTV services to all units, a new roof in 2011 and repaired external plumbing shafts. A fresh paint job was completed at the interior rim in January 2003 and the exterior facade in 2008. March 2010, Lift No. 5 was totally reconstructed from the existing lift shaft including a new cab + rails. Lift 4 is undergoing total renewal in 2014. 

Hailed as a 'Singapore Housing Icon' by the Singapore Institute of Architects in 2001, our superior location and integration to public transport and surrounding facilities like Pearl's Hill City Park are without equal.

We welcome groups like Singapore Architect, The Straits Times, Zouk Disco, Song + Kelly 21, FHM, Female, Style, Interior [Taiwan], and especially to ISH [2003] Magazine for representing our image in a new light - Thanks !

In 2007 more parties are expressing interest in the amazing spaces of Pearlbank, we welcome Farm, Action Theatre [scenes of Pleasure Factory were shot here] Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, URA, The Heritage Board of Singapore, International Herald Tribune, and Penthouse One appears on the cover of the June issue of ISH  and Singapore Playboy [Rabbithead Enterprises Pte Ltd] shot the centerfold for the launch issue of VIP at Pearlbank Apartments. Click on the links to view the stories.

April-July 2007, the outside facade of Pearlbank has undergone a major facade repair to correct any loose or missing Shanghai plaster, and the lifts are being improved as an ongoing process. Repainting of the external facade was completed in June 2008.

04.05.08 - More international press is showing interest in the preservation of Pearlbank as a Singapore housing icon. Special thanks to : The Financial Times, Wallpaper* UKFORM magazine, Media Corp and The Business Times.

20.03.11  - An Extra Ordinary General Meeting is called to approve a special levy for urgent repairs. $1.5m is to be collected over nine months.

01.05.11  - Major repairs to spaulding concrete in the car park is complete.

05.07.11 - Major repairs continue:  A new roof has been installed, completed in September 2011. Replacement of pumps and corroded wet riser pipes is ongoing. All inter-floor leaks are now fixed, with exception to outer rim stack 8, which is still being repaired, but nearing completion at the lower levels.

03.09.11 - Record price for a unit : $1,118 sgd sq ft [June 2011]

30.10.11 - The 32nd AGM sets new monthly fees from $60 to $75 for the management fund so that Pearlbank has revenue to continue making repairs that were put off for several years due to greedy parasitic en-blockers.

01.01.12 -  and beyond : repairs continue........minor design renovation to the ground floor lobby has been completed.


13.04.14 - Pearlbank owners take a vote at a special Extra Ordinary General Meeting on 13th April, 2:pm for 'Voluntary Conservation with Upgrading & Re-Development of Pearlbank Apartments".   RESOLUTION PASSED ! 98.4% in favor !!!!


01.01.15 - Pearlbank owners anxiously await the decision by URA on Voluntary Conservation Status to be announced April 3rd 2015. is a private entity, and NOT controlled by or paid for by the Management Council, its' Subsidiary Proprietors or the Managing Agent. The views and content of this site are at the sole discretion of

the webmaster