20th March 2005


Project Design Team :

PooleAssociates Private Limited

Ed Poole, Roger Magsakay

e:mail poole@pacific.net.sg

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Construction completed 15th March 2005


C  A  F  E    S  O  C  I  E  T  Y    T  E  N  T  S


A new scheme is developed for the river front at Cafe Society Singapore. A sculptural construction of bamboo poles with three suspended Sunbrella fabric tarps provide much needed shade for this area.


This bamboo structure is intended to be removed after 9 months, under the classification of a temporary marquee. Subsequent 9 month temporary structures will progressively become more radical structural experimentations in bamboo and canvas. Design concepts for the next 2 have been developed.

Aerial View

Three black and grey striped tarps provide shade along the designated seating area. The axis of each tarp is offset to create a complex intersection of poles and crossing members, for a casual ad-hoc ambience that is directly opposed to the formality of the symmetrical Greco Neo-Palladian architecture.

View from the Singapore River

A vague expression of a temporary Asian stage-set is apparent. The theatrical nature of the structure is obviously in relation to the new usage of the building as The Arts House.

Approaching the Cafe seating from under the tarps

The bamboo support poles are given lateral support via crossing poles located over the height of the canvas tarps, thus keeping the floor area relatively free of obstruction. Soft lighting and giant custom cast aluminum pots with birds-nest ferns soften the landscape and create a sense of place with minimal means.





After 14 months of awaiting governmental approval, the completed tent structures with LED-Tiki poles are installed. Copyright Poole Associates Private Limited