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October  1st, 2009

Design Check-in

Whipped into Place | WiP is back with a new and Improved look

By Eliza Sanjivee

The enchanted realm of Bangsar Shopping Center has been transformed into a spectacular location for those seeking to wine and dine in class. WiP formerly known as Work In Progress is now Whipped Into Place, a landmark lifestyle destination. Bangsar has been home to many restaurants and clubs but nothing as unique as WiP. Its' doors are set to open on 8th October 2009, an experience you don't want to miss.

Featuring a coastal resort ambience with urban-tropic garden design, its concept was brought to life by Poole Associates, Singapore. The elegance of Nice, France and Santorini, Greece, takes the stage playing with natural lighting and the place is enhanced with a number of one-of-a-kind custom crafted features such as the clam shaped island bar, firefly pendant lights, palm tree trunks, etched bird mirrors and alfresco garden. Another stunning aspect about WiP is its use of five elements - wood, fire, metal, earth and water to simply create a pleasant experience for customers.


Those craving for a scrumptious line up in them menu will not be disappointed for WiP is set to blow your mind! The new food line up will feature foods from 15 coastal regions all of which are from different continents inspired by North Mediterranean but with a twist of Asian touches. WiP's specialty Espetadas, a Portuguese dish originated from Portugal sees skewers of meat and seafood grilled excellently and is swerved on a special stand. Keeping up to its word of having a creative and innovative menu that tickles your taste buds, there is something here for everyone. Favorites such as curry laksa, nasi lamak and chicken makanwala still remain on the menu.

Fred Choo, founder of WiP says, "Times are changing and WiP, being a forward-looking organization, keeps up with the times. There are many F+B outlets out there and we can safely affirm that we are not run of the mill but totally in a league of our own. This is because we hear our customers, and this new WiP is the result of our regular insights and feedback from them. It will be a refreshing change for our current customers. While they can expect some new things, we still retain the charm that they have grown to love. For our new customers, I am confident to say that it will be the new haven to dine, wine, meet, chill and be entertained." 


Lot G111, Ground Floor

Bangsar Shopping Centre

285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandar Raya

59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Daily from noon till closing

T : 03 2094 1789 | 2789

F : 03 2094 3789

e:mail :


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