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W Retreat & Spa | Maldives | Welcome

First impressions can make a difference. The Welcome hut at W Retreat & Spa oozes with a calm but quirky sophistication. A simple series of pure white linen sofas are set upon a buff stone floor and accented with solid teak tables inspired by the Cham architecture of southern India. Beckoning to relax, the Gervasoni sofas are filled with goose down, engulfing the guest with a soft caress.  

Standing like sentinels behind the massive teak reception desk, are two 3-meter tall sculptures created by NY artist Matt Gagnon, called 'squeeze'. Thousands of small blocks of teak are held together by nylon wires, but the entire structure is able to be shaped and contoured at will.

Bullet chandeliers hang from the central ridge of the hut, hand-beaten copper shells that conceal up lighting, while white palm-shaped fans are aligned along the hut perimeter. The neutral space is a simple composition in textures and tones of natural timbers.

The informality of the furniture style lends a dynamic to the space as the layout is rigidly axial and highly formal in plan.


Other artworks throughout the public spaces of the Retreat are objects like this tree log, salvaged from the Tsunami in Java.

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