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Poole Associates has designed 7 areas at the 3rd W Retreat & Spa in the world, located on Seminyak Beach, Bali Indonesia

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Welcome Center | villa sales

Villa Arrival | villa lobby  

Fire | all-day dining

Great Room | ballroom

Wet | [facilities only]

Starfish Bloo + Ice | signature restaurant and bar

Woobar | beach club


+ the owners rep office

1 Below at FIRE : A burnt radial timber ceiling represents the campfire of the traditional Balinese Kecak Dance.


Predominate colors are white, black, yellow and red, as derived from the Ramanyana masks. The buffet is clad with 3 colors of marble creating a poleng cloth pattern, which represents the balance between good and evil.




W Retreat & Spa Seminyak, Bali

AB Concept and Poole Associates have created W's latest Asian Resort, where local materials and craftsmanship mix with high octane design.


by Rebecca Lo




W Bali :

W Bali - Seminyak Retreat & Spa, a new found playground along the shore of Seminyak. Just north of Kuta, it is a trendy enclave highly-concentrated with concept restaurants, chic cocktail bars and clubs. Designer boutiques, eclectic galleries, ubiquitous collections of decorative arts and luxurious spas predominate here. Seminyak is the pulse of fashion, mostly comprising designers from Indonesia and in-between regions. Sun, Sand, Sea and Surfing destination. Aptly known as "Island of Gods", nestled in the Indonesia archipelago and has WOW-ed millions of travelers.

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