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W Retreat & Spa Bali | Great Room

This grand ballroom has an unusual aspect, as it is sited with a view of the sea along a 25 meter glass facade.

The side walls and columns are clad with the traditional Balinese stone used in temple construction : Batu Kerobokan. Millions of axe strokes give the surface a rich texture which captures the sun as it streaks across the surfaces. 

Parada cloth in gold leaf on a white linen background hems the 7m tall draperies. while the ceiling is clad with hundreds of thousands of 'keong' a stylized version of the snail resting on Buddah's head.

In 2008, Poole Associates was commissioned to design seven experiences at W Retreat & Spa, Bali.

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'Keong' panels clad the ceiling


The carpet is a timber pattern rendered in 100% lambswool


Rich detailed wall panels are cast in black resin with sections of bamboo to lend a tropical feel to the space

The GreatRoom set for a business conference







Great Room toilets feature 'keong' clad bronze basins with polished interiors set into mysteriously dramatic black terrazzo rooms




The female toilets have a make-up counter with stool topped with silicon

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