Fesdhu Island, Ari Atoll

October 2008










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 W   R E T R E A T  &  S P A  |  M A L D I V E S

The design-savvy W Hotels Group has expanded to the South Seas with a private-island resort in the Maldives. The traditional structures were built with modern materials - tented teflon fiber ceilings that resemble soaring white sails at the Away Spa replace thatch and Wood. Each of the 78 over-water and beach villas comes with its own infinity or plunge pool, and they all have curving decks that take in stunning beach and ocean views. Moroccan poufs with red piping and saturated abstract paintings punctuate white linen and simple whicker furniture. Straightforward and youthful, it's taking W in a new direction. | 887 946 8357 or 011 960 666 2222

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