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July 2006

Text : Joseph Teoh


Photos copyright sevenatenine | untold

C  I  T  Y    S  L  I  C  K  E  R    

Designer Ed Poole gives his new venture at Sevenatenine an outside-in perspective

Where Ed Poole to decorate a shoe box you could well expect something fabulous to transpire and possibly a write-up about it in an industry design rag. In the mind of the interior designer and mastermind behind The Westin's EEST and QBA, and W Retreat & Spa Maldives F+B outlets [among many other five-star design accomplishments], the art of filling space is a passion for perfection.

Based in Singapore, where he has lived for the last 16 years, Poole has dotted the city with his inspirations on how people should style their nights with food, song and drink. His latest creative rendezvous in Kuala Lumpur was crafted to signify a resort in the heart of the city. Sevenatenine sits beautifully at the prestigious Ascott property where elegance and modernity quietly juxtapose the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Stunning view of the Petronas Twin Towers from the upper level of Sevenatenine


"One of the very first things we observed of the site was that it did not have enough space. We had no recourse but to smash the place to bits in order to reconstruct seating capacity of 200. The windows were taken out to project an extension because if a space is not big enough, it is never going to energize even if the hordes do come," says Poole, explaining the first steps of his creative process. Washed in pristine white, with stark lighting that enhances the organic feel of the furniture, the space imparts a sense of relaxation. There is no line to denote the interior or the exterior, only the sun's setting to remind you that in certain parts of the place, you are al fresco. All that is missing is the ocean and the wailing of seagulls. "Originally we had intended it to have the feel of an urban pajama party," he says with a laugh.

"Most of the furniture is rather easy to take care of, but the sofas are a bit of an extravagance," he adds, referring to the white Italian sofas spilling over with soft white cushions on the outer deck. With a total cost of well over RM3 million, it certainly seems only the best will do for Poole's projects. Sexy laidback and stylish, its modern structure, hidden within lush greenery, provides an uncompromising view of the city. Of the mindset that nature need not be a hindrance to design, Poole works closely with the philosophy to the point of customizing panels to allow tree branches to hover inside the deck. "The idea of putting glass panels all around the area was to hold the air-conditioning inside, creating a micro-climate. It's a perfect situation with the trees, as they add lushness to the view while preventing hot air from blowing in. We probably would not have gotten away with this concept if it were not for the trees," says the American architect, a member of the Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Much of the character of the place resonates from the LED lighting

For a man who has much to say when it comes to design, Poole remains at a loss for words when asked about his somewhat legendary status in these parts. He's well known for his real passion for each project, to the extent of monitoring developments way after the project has been completed. Is the music right? The Food? Is there a fit? As any of Poole's clients would tell you, being obsessively dedicated is all part of his design.


The smart dominance of pristine white enhances the raw, organic feel of Sevenatenine's interior


The funky bar chairs are astonishingly comfortable


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