Penthouse One

1st November, 2000


Photography | Ed Poole



Click here to see a collection of images from December 2009. The transformation is shocking !


Penthouse One | Pearlbank NOW


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Pearbank Apartments

Beauty in the concrete forms of the 1970's Brutalist movement had been lost to previous renovations and obliterations caused by errant estate agents sub dividing and sub letting this magnificent Penthouse property to over 40 students in 2000.

American Architect, Ed Poole comes to the rescue, waiting +10 years for a penthouse unit at Pearlbank to become available. View the current images on the link at left to see why these units rarely ever come up for sale. 6 of the 8 original penthouse owners are still here from day one : 1972. 'The Lucky lot'


During the transformation 100% of the electrical, plumbing and A/C systems have been replaced.

The roof deck. Mouse over for 2009 image

The disastrous dining room is screaming for a glamorous make-over. The 'bones' of the space call out for a touch of Brutalist-art-deco. The clg height is accentuated by long draperies and low seating

The feng-shui of the unit is severely compromised by the closure of circulation spaces. The first order of demolition was to re-open the 3 subdivided units back into one 4,000 sq ft space.

Mouse over to see the new stainless steel abstraction handrails that replaced these 'Brady Bunch' overly heavy details. Hey, timber was cheap back then.

This is the old mechanical plant on level 39. Now the master Spa Bath  

Mouse over for an intermittent image taken in 2007. The west facing wall is totally removed, opening up the fantastic views to Sentosa and Johor. The heat gain from this exposure is resolved by using a special metallic impregnated fabric drapery that repels heat, then lined on the interior with grey silk. All heat-film was removed from all the windows.

Mouse over for the 2009 image of the same space

Out go 'The Brady Bunch' handrails. This landing was used for a fashion shoot by Conde Nast in 2008

Mouse over for the 2009 image of the same space