10 Artillery Ave, #07-01,

The Outpost Hotel, Sentosa Island Singapore 099951

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Live the high life at 1-V:U, Southeast Asia’s Latest Rooftop Lifestyle Destination

1-V:U—pronounced as “one view”—is an up-and-coming rooftop concept by the award-winning lifestyle and F&B company, 1-Group. Opening its doors in January 2020, 1-V:U boasts a global club experience where fun, music and gastronomy come into one at this premier beachfront playground that features a coastal-luxe Day Club and a smart-casual progressive Asian Restaurant. Perched atop the roof of The Outpost Hotel, the day-to-night destination is the perfect oasis for all all sun-seekers and epicureans seeking an escape from the city.

A social spot with Progressive and playful flavours

At the heart of 1-V:U’s culinary concept across the Day Club and Restaurant is progressive Asian cuisine. Inspired by the land and sea of the region, familiar Asian flavours are reinterpreted in the creative mind of Singaporean Chef Ace Tan (formerly the Executive Chef of Singapore’s progressive Asian concept Restaurant Ards). The menus at 1-V:U features a bold take on Northeast Asian cuisine, complemented with playful flavours and the freshest ingredients from the land and sea, presented in the simplest and most elegant manner.

Our 60-seater luxe-casual restaurant features a warm and relaxed dining room anchoring an open kitchen, with front-row access to the live culinary theatrics by our chefs.


Filled with fun and tasty originals divided into two territories: “Terra” (Land) and “Aqua” (Sea), all dishes in our communal menus are designed to share. After all, good food brings people together.

For special occasions, look to our seasonally-changing Tasting Menu featuring a collection of five to seven courses that shines a spotlight on Chef Ace’s progressive Asian philosophy and techniques.

Chef Ace Tans' cuisine

Reinvigorate at our adult-exclusive
Day Club, where vibrant entertainment and sleek dance sounds meet breathtaking views

1-V:U is an exquisite oasis for sun-seekers seeking an escape from the city bustle. With daily DJ sessions on deck bringing Deep House and Soulful beats all the way from day to night, 1-V:U is where it’s at for the endless summer vibes. Cool off with our signature cocktails in hand, dig into our dayclub bites and groove to poolside beats as you take in the unparalleled panorama of the island.

Design Development renderings below

11.06.19 | Outpost view 00.00    


1. LED Signage 1.900m tall [color changing RGB]

07.06.19 | Outpost view 00.01    


1. Ceremony made from scaffolding at the pool

2. palms at back edge retained, but re-located

3. Monsoon blinds at DJ Cabana + Alfresco Bar

4. Pool Edge remains, new fibreglass bench seating  


07.06.19 | Outpost view 00.02    


1. Birds eye view > Signage 1.900mm ht

2. Updated graphics


07.06.19 | Outpost view 00.03   


1. Birds eye view > side cabanas facing Capella Resort forest | 8 pcs sun loungers or 32 dining seats


07.06.19 | Outpost view 00.04  


1. Birds eye view

07.06.19 | Outpost view 01.01 


1. VLV chairs re-used

2. Uma chandeliers at the windows | 8 pcs removed 

3. Hinkley Republic wall sconces at Columns

4. Vaulted faux timber plank ceiling

5. Mobile buffet tables at side windows with Florim Statuario tops to be removed

07.06.19 | Outpost view 01.02    


1. Faux Laminate Plank Vaults 

2. Florim Flowtec Burnished tiles at column bases

3. Screens and lamps


10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.03     


1. Loose tables + VLV dining chairs

2. Stained timber slats  


10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.03.1     


1. Loose tables rotated


10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.03.2     


1. Loose tables rotated

2. Add Griddle hood

3. Table tops change to Crosswood Cinder finish


10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.03.3     


1. Open kitchen updated 


10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.04  


1. Grill



10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.04.1  


1. Main Entry 


03.06.19 | Outpost view 01.05   


1. Main Dining towards Grill with updated ceiling laminate

2. Sconces changed to LED Tiki Torches + Perch Floor Lamp


11.06.19 | Outpost view 01.05.1  


1. Grill updated


11.06.19 | Outpost view 01.05.2  


1. Wedding Mode


11.06.19 | Outpost view 01.05.3   


1. Side walls with fixed draperies

2. Screens and Standing Lamps


10.06.19 | Outpost view 01.06   


1. Wedding mode


11.06.19 | Outpost view 01.07  


1. Buffet mode with Grill open


12.06.19 | Outpost view 02.01   


1. Alfresco Lounge

2. Freek outdoor carpet with Fat Fat Seating + Fez Side Tables

3. Modular bespoke sofa in Persian Green Sunbrella

4. Shou Sugi Ban Gator planks at side wall


12.06.19 | Outpost view 02.02  


1. Alfresco Lounge | Cake + speach updated

2. DJ added to corner


10.05.19 | Outpost view 02.03   


1. Alfresco Lounge looking towards the pool with 2 high top bar tables

2. Existing side window and door to remain 


10.05.19 | Outpost view 02.03.1 Night    


1. Alfresco Lounge looking towards the pool with 2 high top bar tables

2. Party lights added

3. Side wall should be dark


12.06.19 | Outpost view 02.04


1. Alfresco Lounge looking and pool edge with retractable glass at Upper Dias + Cake platform


12.06.19 | Outpost view 02.05


1. Lounge converted to Wedding Dias

2. Sliding glass in front and behind - fixed glass at right


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.00  


1. Lower Deck Alfresco Bar deleted, Bar counter instead

2. Monsoon Blinds > black and white stripped Sunbrella


13.06.19 | Outpost view 03.00.1  


1. Lower Deck Alfresco Bar deleted, Bar counter instead

2. Monsoon Blinds > black and white stripped Sunbrella


13.06.19 | Outpost view 03.01-p     


1. DJ Booth above Fire Stair

2. Back of signage in black

3. Sun Loungers at non event times 

4. Pool Deck lounge with China seating and Kandi Modular Sofa over FREEK carpet + Fez side Tables


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.02


1. DJ Booth above Fire Stair

2. Tourmaline Table tops

3. Symo Paddo 3m diam RGB LED Umbrellas

4. Pedrali Voxel superplastic chairs, clear in the day with Sunbrella slip covers at night


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.03


1. Sun loungers facing the sea with Sparkle side tables


07.06.19 | Outpost view 03.04


1. Breakfast > Pedrali Voxel chairs in Superplastic clear : at night add slip covers

2. Dj at Fire exit

3. Symo Paddo 3m diam RGB LED Umbrellas


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.04.1 Night


1. Intelligent lights at DJ + Alfresco Bar 


13.06.19 | Outpost view 03.05


1. Alfresco Bar upper deck

2. Perennials Big Stripe Monsoon Blinds


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.06


1. Alfresco Bar upper deck has shifted in, no longer blocking floor access hatch



12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.07     


1. Alfresco upper deck towards the main entry

2. Slip covers added to seating after 6:pm

3. Palms re-located between tables

4. Updated with Sun Loungers only, replacing the ramp


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.08


1. Alfresco with storage area below | Sunbrella fabric covering

2. Glass handrail 1.200mm height


12.06.19 | Outpost view 03.09


1. Ramp area flattened for Sun loungers


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