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July 2005


Inspired design-wise by the four elements of wind, water, fire and earth, EEST at the Westin, Kuala Lumpur is based on a fascinating concept that is executed to perfection. Described as "the manifestation of Asian craft articulated in Western neo-minimalism", the restaurants interior, which is designed by Singapore-based architect Ed Poole, makes use of Eastern design elements to create a venue some have called "the most provocative restaurant to date".


Indeed, the restaurant makes full use of its 8,900 square foot space. Check out the Chinese courtyard setting replete with an I Ching pond and also the Blade Runner-type circular-shaped glass exhaust hoods billowing hot steam.


EEST is one part cosmopolitan chic, the other part ethnic style, which makes for a fabulous dining experience. Upon entering the restaurant, you'll cross the threshold into a different realm - a "floating bridge' opens onto a dining area with volcanic stone walls.


You will be spoilt for choice, food-wise, at EEST, which serves Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Malay fare. Dining at EEST is a truly Asian experience and you can have a pick of sushi, sashimi, dim sum, rice paper rolls or even mango with sticky rice.


Other recommended dishes include the teppan kuruma ebi - kin tiger prawn with asparagus and fish roe; chao tom nuong mia - barbecued shrimp on sugar cane; keang kiew wan kai - stuffed chicken leg with green curry sauce, to name a few.


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Kuala Lumpur


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