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Anantara Villas | Kihava Huravalhi | Baa Atoll Maldives



Highlighting the resort’s idyllic location in the dazzling Indian Ocean is the exclusive ‘Sea. Fire. Salt. Sky.’ signature dining experience. This unique under-and overwater gastronomic concept features four remarkable venues, each offering a different type of cuisine that is as unique as the perspective. View and savor the Indian Ocean’s abundance of marine life by descending into a connoisseur journey at the underwater wine cellar and restaurant, ‘Sea’. Situated at the edge of a reef, the primary view windows are poised next to a channel which provides spectacular displays of fish and sea life all around. Here guests are indulged with a rustic Mediterranean buffet lunch or exquisite degustation dinner menus of classic creations and tempted by the resident Wine Sommelier’s perfect accompaniments from a vast array of new and old world selections. Oenophiles will delight in the impressive underwater wine cellar with view windows, featuring one of the most balanced and diverse wine collections in the Maldives with 250 labels from 14 countries. 22 labels are available by the glass and regular tasting sessions offer guests a tantalizing journey through the vineyards of the world.

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sea was constructed on a nearby island and sunk to the ocean floor on October 26th 2010. Situated at the edge of the reef, the primary view windows are only one meter away from the 1,000 foot-deep channel. The 19 meter long walk-way leading to the main dining room will be lined with wines.

The walk-way also includes 2 view windows for that photo op, while the main room is reserved for intimate dining. 

A very high level of plankton in the fast moving water has resulted in the most spectacular displays of fish imaginable. You will surely be transfixed by this wonder of nature.

The barge that the building is welded to, is slowly filled with sand, replacing the volume of air used to float it to its' site.

It was then aligned over the pre-constructed piles anchored into the reef. Once the barge is completely filled with sand, the wine cellar will never move, even in the most violent monsoon.  


Divided Leopard Wrasse


The cellar is now anchored to the reef floor, the barge covered with corals, and the site is now ready for the construction of the restaurant over the access tunnel.

Ragged-fin Lion-fish


Dine with thousands of fish at the side of your table. From the interior - fish sighted so far include this Ragged-Fin Lionfish, Pufferfish, Squirrelfish, Snapper, Yellowfin Fusilier, Gold-striped Bream, Anthias, Sweetlips, Wrasses, Angelfish, Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, Surgeonfish, Triggerfish, Filefish, Damselfish, Clownfish, millions of Mullets, Gobbies and Dartfish, with the odd Eagle Ray too.


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actual site received 08.0.11

Sea was designed to optimize the views from the diners perspective. The acrylic windows are set lower than the dining tables, and extend past the guests peripheral vision, giving the illusion that you are actually part of the reef. Each chair has a hand embroidered lumbar pillow that is derived from the reef occupants. Filefish, Leopard Wrasse, Grouper, etc.

Teak seating with velvet slip covers sit over a bespoke wool carpet and teak plank floor.

The steel frame of the 8.4m octagonal room is clad with mirror to further enhance the view, while the ceiling is made from mirror finish stretch Barrisol - a thin membrane of PVC. All lighting is LED to avoid heat gain.



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'Sea' located at the bottom middle left of this photo - 1m from the 1,000 foot deep channel. Coral has since filled in the surrounding area, covering the square barge-footing.


Coral Bleaching 2016

'Sea' with badly damaged coral bleaching in Feb 2017 before reef restoration.


The Anantara Kihava house reef restored by Andrew Bruckner, Ph.D. and Georgia Coward, MSc. in March 2017

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